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The use of motorcycle loans is intended to give you the opportunity to borrow money for new or used motorcycles. It is usually possible to borrow up to 80% of the value of the motorcycle. The motorcycle to be purchased is often used as collateral for most motorcycle loans. Therefore, it cannot be too old. Often the limit is nine years. It is also important that the motorcycle you plan to buy is registered in Norway if you intend to borrow money to buy it.

Before buying a motorcycle, it can be helpful to check out for buy here pay here motorcycles.

However, you can consult with your bank if they have any information about motorcycle dealers who can offer their motorcycle loans. Before applying for a loan to be a motorcycle, it is wise to check what rules the bank has. Not infrequently given loan only if motorcycle purchased in stores and not by a private individual.

Motorcycle loans without collateral

There are a number of motorcycle loans in the market. It is important to compare what the credit institutions offer carefully. Compare interest rates and possible fees. The bank also contributes to making an appropriate repayment plan.

You can apply for loans between motorcycle-40,000-350,000

The minimum age for motorcycle loans tends to be 18 years, but sometimes even for 20 years. In addition, an annual income will be required and the absence of payment remarks. For higher amounts of loans, often two loan applicants will go through. When filling out loan applications for motorcycle loans, it is good to have income, personal information, and account number, and as much data on the motorcycle as possible easily accessible.

Credit limit institutions that offer this type of loan usually also provide loans for the boat, caravan, motor home, and the car in addition to motorcycle loans.