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Entertainment News | Kartik Aaryan completes Climax filming program for ‘Freddy’

New Delhi [India], Sep 18 (ANI): Actor Kartik Aaryan wrapped up filming for the climactic scene for ‘Freddy’ on Saturday.

The actor took to his Twitter account and shared a wacky monochrome photo of himself from the sets in the film.

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Sharing the photo in which only Kartik’s shadow could be seen, he wrote: “#Freddy Climax done.”

The film also stars Alaya F in a lead role. The team was filming at Panchgani Hill Station, Maharashtra.

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Famous friends and Kartik fans left some interesting comments on his same Instagram post.

“Wooaooh,” Freddy producer Ekta Kapoor wrote in the comments.

“It’s so beautiful,” joked Farah Khan Kunder.

Alaya also wrote: “How do you get all these cool photos! Even I want it.”

‘Freddy’ hit the floors on August 1 in Mumbai. The next film is directed by Shashanka Ghosh and is produced by Ekta Kapoor (Balaji Telefilms) and Jay Shewakramani (Northern Lights Films).

The romantic thriller is said to be full of unpredictable twists and sharp turns. (ANI)

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Kathy Griffin Suffers From Vocal Cord Problems | Entertainment News

Kathy Griffin still suffers from “vocal cord problems” during her cancer treatment.

A 60-year-old comic recently revealed that half of the lungs were resected after being diagnosed with stage 1 cancer. We used to share up-to-date health information on video messages on social media, but the latest news came in the form of typed messages. She also admitted that she suffered from breathing and coughing.

She writes, “One of the causes of cancer is shortness of breath, deep cough, pain, extreme fatigue, and in my case it’s hard to focus on other things when I have problems with my breast. vocal cords. is.”

But Kathy loves to use it to “applaud” critics, so she can still see the bright side of her condition.

She added, “I don’t hate cancer… I can’t get enough of Kathy”, really, *** head ??? TRY CANCER! “”

Kathy recently joked that she was working with her “celebrity voice doctor” Shea to “get her voice back”.

She keeps fans updated on Instagram and writes, “I’m working on getting my voice back on a special visit from a famous voice doctor. Enjoy!”

In the video, Kathy explained how difficult it was for her to speak.

She said, “Hello everyone. This is the latest information. My operation lasted 3 weeks and my voice is still weak as you can tell but my doctor gave me a voice practice And the strangest thing is happening. When I sing, I like a clock… ”

Then she started talking about Sia’s song “Chandelier”, but she moved the camera to show Sia singing to her.

She added, “Did you say my doctor was Shea? It’s very strict.

Kathy has previously admitted that her postoperative voice “scares people”.

“I want to start posting a little video about my recovery etc, but my voice is really hoarse and I don’t want to scare people,” she said.

But her own squeaky voice made her smile, so the star quickly found an interesting side of things.

She added: “I’m kidding, it’s even that concept [is funny].. For some reason I am laughing at everything now. And if it’s terrible, I laugh more and more! “

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Chinese actress Zheng Shuang fined $ 46 million for tax evasion-Entertainment News, Firstpost

Shanghai tax authorities fined Zheng 299 million yuan (S $ 62 million) for tax evasion and unreported income between 2019 and 2020 while filming a television series

Famous Chinese actress Zheng Shuang was fined for tax evasion on Friday August 27, while references to movie star Vicki Zhao were wiped from video streaming sites as China ramps up campaign against celebrity culture .

Beijing is on a mission to curb what it calls “chaotic fan culture” and celebrity excess, after a string of scandals in recent months that toppled top Chinese artists, including singer Kris Wu, who was arrested on suspicion of rape earlier this month. .

Shanghai tax authorities on Friday fined Zheng 299 million yuan (S $ 62 million) for tax evasion and unreported income between 2019 and 2020 while filming a television series, according to an online statement.

Zheng, 30, became a household name in China after starring in the successful 2009 remake of the Taiwanese drama Meteor shower, and a series of hit series and films thereafter.

She was embroiled in a surrogacy scandal earlier this year after her ex-partner accused her of abandoning their two surrogate babies in the United States.

China’s state broadcasting regulator has also removed Zheng’s offending television drama and ordered producers not to hire him for future broadcasts.

The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television added that it had “zero tolerance” for tax evasion, “exorbitant salaries” and “yin-yang contracts”, referring to Shady contracts commonly used in Chinese showbiz to disguise the real pay of actors. .

State media have shifted into high gear to demand changes in China’s entertainment culture.

“For quite some time, moral failures and violations of artists’ law, the cultivation of younger idols and ‘chaotic’ fandoms have attracted the attention of society,” state broadcaster CCTV said Tuesday. .

“We must restore to the public a clean and upright literary and artistic environment.

On Thursday evening, the search results of Zhao, an extremely popular actress also known as Zhao Wei in Chinese, were censored on major Chinese video streaming sites.

Her name was suddenly removed from the credits of major TV series, while a forum dedicated to the actress on the social media platform Weibo was also mysteriously closed, with the hashtag “Zhao Wei super-topic closed” winning. 960 million views.

No official reason was given.

But Zhao, 45, and her husband were banned from trading on the Shanghai Stock Exchange earlier this year, due to a failed takeover bid in 2016 which authorities said had “disrupted the exchange. ‘market order’.

Video streaming site iQiyi said it halted all idol talent shows on Thursday, while a Chinese boy group of elementary school children disbanded earlier this week after the age artists has sparked a public reaction.

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Entertainment News | Following the release of Mike Richards, Ryan Reynolds shows his support for LeVar Burton’s campaign to welcome “Jeopardy!”

Washington [US], Aug 22 (ANI): Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds has supported LeVar Burton’s ongoing campaign to welcome “Jeopardy!” Following the EP Mike Richards’ podium release.

According to Deadline, the actor, indirectly, posted a tweet on Friday in which he shared his report on Burton’s experience, given the time he himself spent as an outsider, pursuing without releases his dream project ‘Deadpool’.

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“Fairly regularly from 2013 to 2015, Deadpool was exploding on Twitter with fans who wanted me to play him. It was embarrassing because I agreed with them. But the studio didn’t see it. count, the fans won, and the rest is a glorious story. I am eternally grateful. Hi @levarburton, “he said.

Burton competed to host “Jeopardy!” for years, most recently being one of many famous guest hosts, after longtime host Alex Trebek passed away.

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Richards was also among the guest hosts whose performances were evaluated by Sony Pictures Television in their quest to find a new permanent host.

While he began talks to take on the role of the trivia game earlier this month, the difficulties that resulted led him to announce that he would step down from his role on August 20, after filming just one episode.

His downfall began with the emergence of lawsuits from his time as executive producer on ‘The Price is Right’, which alleged he made callous comments towards, and otherwise discriminated against, the models in the series.

The final nail in the proverbial coffin was a report that emerged in The Ringer, which resurfaced sexist or offensive remarks he made towards co-hosts and guests on ‘The Randumb Show,’ a podcast he made. he animated between 2013 and 2014.

Richards will continue to work on the series in his role as executive producer.

Reynolds’ comment on behalf of the “Reading Rainbow” host comes as his Disney / 20th Century Studios film “Free Guy” continues to dominate the box office.

According to Deadline, actor and comedian Yvette Nicole Brown, writer and cultural critic Roxane Gay, writer-director Eric Haywood, Rafael Casal of Blindspotting and “SNL” alum Leslie Jones are other people who have pleaded. for Burton to take over as host. (ANI)

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Star-studded celebrity entertainment news ends for August 20

This week has brought triumph and tears to some of your favorite celebrities. We’ve rounded up some of the best entertainment stories from August 14-22, 2021, to keep you up to date with all the celebrity events.

This week in #FreeBritney

The Free Britney movement may have suffered a huge setback this week. The pop princess is said to have assaulted one of her longtime housekeepers. There are reports that the couple had an argument over one of Britney’s dogs, which resulted in the singer punching her employee.

Entertainment News: An Unlikely Hero

UFC veteran Brendan Schaub made headlines this week. The star was hailed as a hero when he saved three children involved in a fatal car crash. Schaub ran towards the vehicle after seeing the crash site, smashing windows and bringing the children to safety. The children’s father is accused of driving on the wrong side of a highway. The victim’s mother died instantly.

Bouncing Babies

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost not only confirmed pregnancy rumors with Page Six but announced the arrival of their son. Jost took to Instagram to share the news that baby Cosmo is here and much loved.

Kelly McCreary (Dr Maggie Pierce) of Grey’s Anatomy announced her pregnancy to People magazine. It’s her and her husband, Pete Chatmon, the first bundle of joy.

Kylie Jenner is having a baby too! E! Online reported that the billionaire makeup mogul and boyfriend Travis Scott are expecting their second child together.

Entertainment News: Illnesses and Injuries

Selma Blair shared some great news with the media this week. She is currently in remission from multiple sclerosis. The star battled the disease for years and finally found relief after an experimental stem cell transplant. Fans will get a glimpse of her journey soon when her documentary “Introducing Selma Blair” is released by Discovery +.

Rock star Travis Barker faced his fears and flew for the first time since the fatal plane crash in 2008. The crash killed four people, leaving him and DJ Adam Goldstein as the only survivors.

Celebrity scandals

Former TLC star Josh Duggar was in court again this week. His lawyers were trying to challenge the evidence against him in his child pornography case. The prosecution remained firm, however, saying the case was “straightforward.” People Magazine has the story.

Country singer Sam Hunt heads to a DUI education center after pleading guilty to a drinking and driving charge. He was initially sentenced to almost 12 months behind bars, but he made a deal for therapy and lost his license for a year.

In regards to

The search for a new permanent host for Jeopardy continues! while Mike Richards resigns from the first place. Information was released on Friday morning he walked away amid the overhaul of past sexist comments.

Things are not looking good for the Real Housewives franchise. Two series are on the block. Longtime RHONY is considering an indefinite hiatus and RHOD will not return at all in 2022.

Harry Hamlin, Kate Mulgrew and Paul Wesley have been announced as the key players in Lifetime’s Flowers in the Attic: The Origin. The film is based on the VC. Andrews’ prequel to his famous bestselling book series.

Grey’s Anatomy has a famous new face for Season 18. Peter Gallagher is on set as a recurring character. Deadline reports that his alter ego, Dr Alan Hamilton, worked closely with Ellis Gray in the past. Be on the lookout for Kate Burton to reprise her role as Meredith’s mother.

Entertainment News: In Memoriam

Famous comedian Sean Lock passed away this week after a long battle with cancer. The recipient of the British Comedy Award was 58 years old.

Find more celebrity news, gossip, scandals and stories by following the Soap Hub Entertainment page.

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Entertainment News | Michael Caine honored at Karlovy Vary Festival

Washington [US], Aug 21 (ANI): With its traditional catchy dance numbers and a crystal globe for Hollywood star Michael Caine, the 55th edition of Karlovy Vary Intl. The Film Festival came back to life in an all-live format on Friday after a forced one-year hiatus by COVID.

According to Variety, the all-rounder, two-time Oscar winner elicited his third standing ovation from the crowd crowded into the festival hall at the Thermal Hotel when he raised his cane from the stage in gratitude to his guests. fans.

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To say he started his acting journey as a “person out of nowhere who knew nothing,” Caine told the crowd: “You gave me an award for something I love to do.”

Fest president Jiri Bartoska honored him with what the actor called the heaviest prize he has ever attempted to win in an upbeat ceremony featuring elaborate choreography on the theme of the 1960s American pop song “Popcorn,” with dancers spinning records riffing on this year’s unique KVIFF logo, a stylized number 55 containing cartoon eyes.

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Guests wore COVID-resistant bracelets after showing proof of their immunization status upon arrival, but few masks were in sight in the packed room of the brutalist ’70s architectural icon that dominates the promenade area of this historic spa town.

Opening night presenter Marek Eben, a famous comedian-philosopher, observed that popcorn makes the film the only art “with its own unique scent”, adding that the film’s snack could be a super food with qualities that fight depression.

But, he quickly added to the laughter, popcorn is not necessary in Karlovy Vary because artistic director Karel Och selects art films for “intellectuals who take antidepressants.”

The festival’s return to West Bohemia was marked by a distinctive air of optimism, following two attempts to open KVIFF as a live event in 2020, both of which had to be canceled as the pandemic was spreading.

According to Variety, the festival also announced additional screenings of the Cannes sensation of Paul Verhoeven and the erotic nun story ‘Benedetta’ and ‘RapStory’ by Simon Safranek, a dive into the Czech rap scene by the director of ‘ King Skate ‘, the 2018 Chronicle of pre-Velvet Revolution fringe culture focused on the highly improvised craze among practitioners who had to build their own boards. (ANI)

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