Great British Bake Off’s Biggest Scandals – Leaked Results, Thieves & Favoritism

The Great British Bake Off is back on Channel 4 as we see another round of bakers step into the tent to compete to become the best in the country.

Tonight we see 12 new amateur bakers on our screens doing their best to impress Judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith with their challenges.

For a baking show, there has been controversy over the years since Bake Off first aired on the BBC in 2010.

Competitors of the Great British Bake Off 2021
Competitors of the Great British Bake Off 2021

The program has made headlines several times and we’ve rounded up some of the biggest scandals to date.

Bake Off When Leaving BBC

We all remember this one. Viewers were outraged when The Great British Bake Off left the BBC after the company behind Bake Off – Love Productions – signed a three-year contract with Channel 4.

Loyal fans have vowed to never watch the show again, especially after popular hosts Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins announced their departure after being disappointed that Bake Off was leaving his home.

More than a week later, fan-favorite judge Mary Berry announced that she was leaving the series shortly in a display of unity and defiance over the controversial decision.

Mary Berry, Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc

Paul Hollywood – in a big Bake Off scandal – was the only original actor to switch to Channel 4 with the show, especially when it was reported that Channel 4 had significantly increased his salary.

Disclosed results

Shortly after Mel left, Sue and Mary, Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig were announced as the new hosts of Bake Off with Prue Leith replacing Mary Berry as judge.

Bake Off Series Eight was the first to air on Channel 4 and viewers watched ex-Army Girl Sophie Faldo become the winner of the show.

However, just hours before the last episode aired, debutante Prue accidentally leaked the results on Twitter, congratulating Sophie in a tweet. Poor Prue confused her time zones as she was in South Asia at the time of the tweet and mistakenly believed the show had already aired in the UK.

Favoritism line

Paul Hollywood

Fans accused Paul Hollywood of showing favoritism towards young contestant Ruby Tandoh in the 2013 edition of Bake Off and even speculated that the two were having an affair, despite Paul being married at the time.

It also emerged that he and his wife had separated – and later reconciled – the same year after they had an affair. This further fueled fan speculation.

Ruby sensationalized the rumors to bed while confirming her sexuality in an iconic tweet.

Ruby tweeted: “For those who thought I liked Paul Hollywood or hit him someday to get going – JOKE’S ON YOU, YOU MASSIVE S ** TTING MISOGYNISTS”.

Noel enters a fridge

In 2017, comedian Noel Fielding sparked an argument at Ofcom after he hid in one of the refrigerators at the Bake Off tent in an attempt to play a prank on co-host Sandi Toksvig.

Although Sandi found the joke funny, viewers at home were unimpressed and Ofcom has received more than 50 complaints about the incident, saying it sets a bad example for children.

Ofcom investigated the incident and ultimately Noel was exonerated after ruling that no guidelines had been breached as children were unlikely to be watching at the time.

A naughty squirrel

The squirrel that dazzled you

You really had to see it to believe it. Bake Off is often accompanied by wonderful, picturesque camera views of the area in which the show is filmed. It is also filmed in the summer, so the weather is always nice and warm.

On one of these panoramic views, viewers got more than they bargained for when a rather well-endowed squirrel proudly displayed its testicles for all to see.

Before the episode aired, then-host Sue Perkins warned viewers by tweeting, “I can now reveal that this week’s GBBO features a photo of a squirrel with oversized nuts. Believe it or not. – me, they’re anatomically stunning. Enjoy. “

The Cream Thief

2013 proved to be a controversial year for baking, after Paul was accused of showing favoritism towards candidate Ruby Tandoh, viewers were angered by an apparent theft of custard.

During one of the weeks on the show, the bakers were tasked with making a trifle. Competitor Deborah accidentally used her colleague Howard’s batch of custard after their bowls were in the same refrigerator.

Although this was a very simple mistake to make, viewers were outraged by the sabotage and “Poor Howard” began to appear on Twitter.

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Paul Hollywood kissing the row

Any fan of Bake Off will know that Paul Hollywood is not only known for his famous bread recipes, he is also known for his outrageous love life.

Bake Paul Hollywood

He became the center of a scandal after photos were taken of him looking a little too cozy with Bake Off winner Candice Brown in 2017. The photos were taken at an after party for the awards. The Pride of Britain and starred Stacey Solomon.

The photos emerged just a day after Candice announced her engagement to boyfriend Liam Macaulay. Both furiously denied the rumors and Stacey even stepped in to defend them.

Three weeks later, Paul confirmed his separation from his wife Alex after 20 years of marriage.


Iain Watters Bake Off candidate

In 2014, Bake Off was hit by the series’ biggest scandal to date. The weather was scorching and the bakers were tasked with making an Alaska in the oven. Naturally, everyone had a hard time with their ice cream because of the temperatures.

Iains baked Alaska - Great British Bake Off
Iains baked Alaska – Great British Bake Off

However, candidate Diana Beard sparked national outrage when she took her colleague Iain Watters’ ice cream out of the freezer – and left it aside.

Iain realized his ice cream had melted and his dessert looked messy and tossed it all in the trash in a fit of anger. He then accused Diana of taking out her ice cream so that she could put hers.

Fans came to his defense and accused Diana of sabotaging him, some even calling for his arrest.

Judges Paul and Mary have also come under fire for excluding Ian from the show after two of the freezers were revealed to be broken, leaving bakers scrambling for space to store their pastries.

More than 80 complaints were submitted to Ofcom following the episode.

The BBC released a statement explaining that Iain bake was left out of the freezer for less than a minute and was taken out for not presenting something to the judges.

The Great British Bake Off airs tonight on Channel 4 at 8 p.m. ET.

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Cyberpunk 2077’s sexist and transphobic scandals could still overshadow it

Circus pioneer PT Barnum once said “There is no bad publicity”, but he may have reconsidered that he had been alive to be a witness Cyberpunk 2077. After a grueling development compounded by accusations of sexism, transphobia, and worker exploitation, conversations about the game almost inevitably turn to its controversies.

CD Projekt RED’s dystopian RPG was infamous for the issues plaguing it at launch. However, while the issues can be fixed with updates, there is no way to correct the history. With so many reviews of the game’s content from so many different communities, it’s worth looking back as we reflect on how the game will be remembered.

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PornHub leaks and sexism

Days before Cyberpunk 2077the exit is sex scenes leaked at the adult site PornHub. That such content existed was not surprising, given earlier claims from a Q&A that enough coal captured by the movement to “satisfy everyone“, but the leaks themselves were always surprising. That said, such content isn’t inherently controversial. It wasn’t the first title with sex scenes, and the game has just as much a right to explore it. privacy than any art form.

However, the theme of sex is often associated with gender, and on that front there was more to criticize. VG247’s Stacey Henley called Cyberpunk 2077, “the most aggressive male game I have ever played,” drawing attention to how women are beaten, exploited and maimed, while men are treated with much more respect. Leah J. Williams from Kotaku Australia made similar comments, condemning the game’s prominent male gaze and its disposable treatment of women.

Cyberpunk is an inherently dystopian genre, so one could argue that the commodification of human bodies is to be expected. Even so, presenting such tropes without subversion or commentary was seen as a mere indulgence. The problem was not the sexual content per se. It was the game’s usual misconception that such content equates to “maturity” taken to a degree that many just weren’t comfortable with.

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Delays, crunch and death threats


Not all controversies reflect the developers badly. Fans can be just as problematic. First announced in 2012, some players speculated Cyberpunk 2077 had been in development ever since. This was a misunderstanding, because the interviews with Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier revealed that full development didn’t start until 2016, but anger grew over the game’s delays nonetheless.

Such things are sadly rare with massive RPGs, but here they opened up a particularly ugly chapter in its development history. As delays became more frequent, CD Projekt RED started using a critical schedule, seeing employees working six day weeks. Although the CDPR insisted that staff would be compensated, its earlier assertion that the practice would not be necessary left some disillusioned. Eric Kain from Forbes said further delays would be better than crunch, writing: “We should value human life rather than personal gratification or stock prices. “

However, some fans were more frustrated with the delays than concerned about workers’ rights, as demonstrated. death threats were sent to CDPR staff. Senior game designer Andrzej Zawadzki called for an end to this Twitter, revealing the shocking verbal attacks on the developers and their families. Between this supposed fan abuse and Schreier’s reports 100-hour weeks and “physically ill” staff, there is no doubt that CDPR employees were victims in their own right.

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Transphobic tropes

Cyberpunk 2077

Entertainment has a long history with transphobia, often portraying trans people as objects of sexual deviance or curiosity. Video games are no different, which is why many have been disappointed with CDPR’s use of hurtful tropes. The problems started in 2018, when the game’s Twitter account responded to a fan asking “guys” to learn more about the game with it, “Did you just assume their sex?! “This meme is a far-right dog whistle designed to poke fun at trans people like overly sensitive snowflakes, and its use by the CDPR has many gamers on edge.

A month later, CDPR’s sister company GOG was slammed for hijack the hashtag of the trans unit #WontBeErased to promote its games. In 2019, the CDPR went deeper into the discourse with the now infamous “Mix it up” image: fetishistically depicting a woman with a prominent bulge. CDPR insists he didn’t mean to offend but, at this point, many weren’t willing to take the studio’s word for it. Other problems, such as a lack of trans NPCs and a character creator who assigned gender based on voice instead of choice, only made the problem worse.

While Cyberpunk 2077 included trans character Claire Russell, she wasn’t enough to dispel all the different criticisms. The CDPR may have acted out of ignorance rather than intentional malice, but that makes little difference to those who have been hurt by their earlier choices.

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Other controversies and lasting legacies

Among the many controversies surrounding Cyberpunk 2077, some were relatively small, such as complaints about the switch from third person to first person gameplay. Others, like accusations of racist representations, are more uncomfortable and require greater sensitivity to approach. Whatever one thinks of these issues, the fact remains that they collectively form an uncomfortable shadow that hangs over the game and the conversations about it.

It is also a great pity, because there is a lot to admire Cyberpunk 2077. It’s packed with content, its setting is incredibly unique, and its colossal script is packed with good times. Obviously, there’s a lot of fun to be had, but finding it doesn’t mean ignoring the issues people have raised. It’s important for everyone – fans and developers – to engage in honest, good faith review of the media they enjoy and create. After all, learning from history’s mistakes is the only sure-fire way to avoid a dystopian future.

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spider man 2 ps5

Venom PS5 Spider-Man 2 is already Marvel’s best on-screen symbiote – for a reason

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Married to First Sight UK will be filled with arguments, scandals and even cheating, says coach Mel Schilling

CHEATING, explosive dinners and epic ten-hour engagement ceremonies made Married At First Sight Australia’s must-see TV.

And the woman who “sex” the British relaunch of the Monday reality show promises the same.


Mel Schilling ‘Sex’ The British Relaunch Of Married At First Sight
Dating coach promises series will be full of drama


Dating coach promises series will be full of drama

Dating coach Mel Schilling, who joined MAFSA in 2016, is part of a total revamp of the UK format and moved to Brighton with her family from their home in Bali while filming the E4 show.

But finding love for herself hasn’t always been easy for Mel. She didn’t meet her husband Gareth Brisbane, from Northern Ireland, until the age of 39, and underwent IVF at the age of 42 to become a mother to daughter Madison, today six years old.


Mel, 49, who married Gareth in Bali in July 2018, says: “I was super single for a good decade and had a terrible habit of sabotaging every potential relationship I touched. If there was a commitment phobe or a male child within 100 kilometers, I would date him.

“To be honest, I wasn’t seriously interested in a relationship for most of my 30s. I was more focused on my career, my travels and my friends. It wasn’t until I was 38 or 39 that I said to myself, “What if I miss something? “

“As I approached my forties, the realization that my motherhood choices could become limited was a huge wake-up call for me. “

Mel believes that finding love later in life helps her identify with MAFS candidates, especially women in their late 30s.

She says, “I have to admit that I have a special place in my heart for women who aspire to be moms but haven’t met the right man yet.

“I started my training as a dating coach when I was still single. It was after realizing that I had done everything wrong in my love life and my light bulb moment of “Why don’t I apply everything I know about career coaching to the dating world?” “

“I became the first Australian coach to be accredited by the International Dating Coach Association and by the time I was ready to start helping clients, I had met mine.”

Mel has a few strong words of encouragement for any single person in their 30s who thinks love might be past them.

She said, “It’s not too late! I met Gareth at 39 via eHarmony and had Maddie at 42 via IVF. Science and technology are on your side. Make the most of it. “

MAFS ‘revamped UK series sees the number of couples involved drop from two to eight.

When asked if there would be arguments, scandals and even cheating, Mel replied, “All I can say is yes, to all of the above. You will be surprised.

“It changes a lot. The most important change is the group dynamic.

“It didn’t exist before and is an integral part of this experience. Different couples compare and make decisions as a team. It’s fascinating.

“There are also dinners, engagement ceremonies, home visits and they all live in the same building. There are so many different elements.

Filmed during the pandemic, the newlyweds formed a Covid-19 bubble, with regular testing, temperature checks and face masks behind the scenes.

Weddings are not legally binding, and Mel insists that couples are never paired up to deliberately compete for good television.

She says: “We are not going to put our reputation on the line by bringing together people who will not work. Our intention is to prepare people for success.

“It takes months behind the scenes before you even approach a camera. We look at their personality styles, their values ​​and preferences, their relationship history, their expectations, all of that.

“We also work with a consultant psychologist who takes care of all mental health care, making sure people have the resilience to cope with the process.

“At the start of the experiment, we were sniffing T-shirts. We did not use this approach this year. It is more focused on psychological characteristics.

“We can do whatever backdrop we like, but until you get two people together and that friction starts to build – chemistry, spark, sex appeal – that’s what I can’t predict.

“So we never really know how a couple is going to respond to each other until they’re there.” UK viewership figures for the Australian show’s recent run have approached two million, with its contestants becoming celebrities, but Mel insists they don’t want celebrity seekers.

Until you get two people together and that friction starts to build – chemistry, spark, sex appeal – that’s what I can’t predict.

Mel Schilling

She says, “We strive for authenticity and our production team is highly skilled in how to separate people who just want the glory from those who really seek love.”

Mel is joined by fellow experts Paul C Brunson, of Celebs Go Dating on E4, and Charlene Douglas, of The Sex Clinic, also on E4.

Each week, the newlyweds meet the experts at an engagement ceremony and declare, in front of the other couples, whether they wish to stay or leave the experience.

If only one partner wants to leave, they have to continue filming for an additional week. Mel says, “Commitment ceremonies can last ten hours, until the wee hours of the morning. There is no time limit, we are there as long as it takes.

“We want to share each person’s story. With some people, it takes longer.


“They are less comfortable sharing what is going on and might need encouragement. Other people spit it out and there it is.

The couples are also hosting a weekly dinner – which in previous Aussie series featured wine-fueled rows and cheating – and pundits are watching the footage.

Mel, who worked as a psychologist for 20 years, says: “It’s hard to watch the drama. Sometimes it’s like, ‘Hold me back’.

“In the engagement ceremony there are times when I really have to control myself, whether it’s because I want to hug someone or tell someone to pull their head (the Aussie to back away ).

“I am a human first and then a therapist. I have a real investment in these couples and individuals. If they have been in pain during the week, I can feel it and try to get to the bottom of it.

“I came to the UK expecting contributors to be a little more reserved, which is just a stereotype, as I was very wrong and was pleasantly surprised.

“Of course, it took them a bit longer to open up, but they were engaged in the process and passionate about finding their partner.”

  • Married At First Sight UK is on E4 Mondays at 9pm.
Mel and husband Gareth Brisbane rounded out their family with now six-year-old daughter Madison


Mel and husband Gareth Brisbane rounded out their family with now six-year-old daughter MadisonCredit: Herald Sun

“We were a couple of actors but at least I broke the sexual dryness”

THE most recent series of Married At First Sight Australia has been successful for some couples, including Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson who now have a child together.

But Instagrammer Melissa Lucarelli says her match was purely for entertainment.

She married meditation expert Dino Hira, hoping the match would end her eight-year sexual dryness. But they broke up after just six weeks.

She says, “I feel like we were paired up for entertainment. We were so different. From our personalities to our values, our interests, even the way we communicate, we had nothing in common.

“I wanted someone with a sense of humor and he wanted someone spiritual, which I am not. We were both the opposite of what we wanted. We were obviously a couple of actors.

Melissa’s “sexual dryness” ended after the show when she spent a night of passion with her compatriot Jake Edwards, but she is single again now.

She says, “I literally had a penis but I managed to break through the dryness. With or without the show, it would have been so long because I had so much pressure to have it be The One. But I don’t like the fact that they knew it and that they still associate me with Dino.

Melissa’s most memorable scene was sleeping too much on her wedding day, which caused her to cry hysterically as the makeup artist attempted to apply her false eyelashes.

She said, “My call time was 8:30 am and I woke up at 8 am. I was living two hours from the wedding. But I was told, ‘This is your real wedding time. You have 100 people waiting for you, you messed it up, ”which was a lie.

“We were just supposed to get ready and the wedding only took place in the afternoon, but you don’t know anything about the times you’re on the show.

“They made me believe I was late and stressed me to the max. It was obviously for the reaction but they didn’t need to do that. I was marrying a stranger, I was quite stressed.

For the weekly dinners, Melissa says filming starts at 10 a.m., with the cocktail and booze starting at 7 p.m., the night sometimes not ending until 4 a.m.

Melissa’s series saw two couples, Ines and Sam, then Jess and Dan, cheat on their respective partners at dinner parties.

She recalls, “It’s a controlled environment. If you wanted to go to the bathroom, you had to be taken away by a member of the production.

“That’s the reason no one got caught [cheating], because no one else could leave. When people weren’t there, you’d assume they were in the bathroom or chatting to the camera.

“I understand the harshness of this because if things happen off-camera, it doesn’t make sense to the viewer. The cheating affected the whole group, it created a tear.

Married to First Sight, British bride threatens to ‘slap’ pundits as groom bursts into tears in dramatic first look

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Two veteran actors fired from scandals! As the series brings six new faces

Two veteran actors fired from scandals! As the series brings six new faces

Sihle Ndaba and Robert Mpisi join the scandal

Afterwards etv put pressure on the production company to animate the game or face boots. Fans enjoy the long-awaited content from Sterling Channel every day.

Because, under the pressure of the scandal! The writers and their production team have recently been at the top of their game.

They show they fired two veteran actors to pave the way for six new faces.

Could the decision be to improve their content? That’s right!

Simo Magwaza and Kuru Skenjana, who played Mamba and Gorbachev respectively, will soon be leaving the etv soap opera.

The new developments iHarare got from a little birdie were also confirmed on entertainment commentator Phil Mphela’s Twitter page this Thursday afternoon.

Their exit results in the exit of Tsepo Hauza Massese, who played Lermo Chavedi, Patrick Mofoken, who played Murungisi Ngema, and Lusanda Mubein, who played Boniswa Langa.

Nothing to fear from scandals! A fan under the on-screen favorite is to decorate the screen to replace the finished actor.

These favorites include Slindir Nodangala, who played Blossom in Rhythm City, Royiso McDonald’s, who played Kagiso in Queen, Mozoa Lady Setumo, who played Mabat in Queen, Sirendaba, who played Smangere in Uzaro, and Gomorra. Includes Robert Mupisi, who performed in London.

Other South African entertainment content on iHarare

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Following series of scandals, more than 80 Chinese artists sign letter of engagement promising to set a good example for young people

Photos of the artists who signed the letter of commitment Photo: courtesy of Mango TV

Over the past month, at least three Chinese pop stars have been the target of boycotts or even detained by police over scandals. In response, more than 80 Chinese artists gathered on Monday to sign a letter of commitment, promising that they will set a good example for young people so that the entertainment industry can return to a positive and healthy environment.

An employee of Chinese video platform Mango TV told the Global Times on Monday that the company had organized more than 80 artists, including Chinese singer Ding Dang and Chinese-American singer Cindy Yen, to sign the letter of engagement in response to artists who have recently ignored their responsibilities as celebrities by breaking the red line of ethics and the law.

The letter of commitment stipulated that artists of the new era should resolutely reject illegal and immoral behavior and insist on being the guardians of dominant values.

The artists promised in the letter that they would reject vulgar and low-quality performances and adhere to creating works that accommodate people’s needs. They will also fight against the distortion of facts and defamation of others to build a healthy industrial environment.

The engagement letter has become a hot topic on Sina Weibo, a Chinese network similar to Twitter, with the associated hashtag generating more than 230 million views on the platform.

The artists of the Mango TV variety show Call Me by Fire also supported the campaign and forwarded the letter of commitment on the social media platform.

Mango TV established a branch of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) specially for artists working for the platform, which organized artists to participate in many social activities in order to play a positive role in society.

In less than a month, Chinese-Canadian pop star Kris Wu, Chinese singer Huo Zun and actor Zhang Zhehan have seen their careers flare up with scandals involving immoral and even illegal behavior.

Zhang has been criticized by Chinese media and authorities, including the CCP’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and all of his social media accounts have been deleted after photos of him visiting Japan’s infamous Yasukuni Shrine, which honors some of Japan’s worst war criminals, in 2017 resurfaced online.

Huo became the target of internet users’ wrath after an ex-girlfriend accused him of being immoral and disrespectful to women. On Saturday, he announced he was leaving the entertainment industry.

Wu was even arrested by police in connection with charges of raping underage girls.

The Letter of Commitment Photo: Courtesy of Mango TV

The Letter of Commitment Photo: Courtesy of Mango TV

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