Which car insurance is mandatory?

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Its consequences can vary – from repairs in the event of minor injury to serious injuries or even death in the event of an accident.
To avoid or minimize the negative consequences of such events, we should choose appropriate insurance. We can currently choose from many different policies.

However, it still happens that drivers do not know which of them are mandatory, and which are only additional security. Let us dispel their doubts.

OC – ​​the only mandatory policy


The necessity of car insurance is regulated in our country by law. They clearly state that the only obligatory form of security is the third party liability policy. Simply put, this is liability insurance.

The claims relate to damages that we have caused ourselves and the compensation is paid not to the person who owns the vehicle, but to the person who caused our damage. Still, we cannot say that it is only a nasty duty or unnecessary costs.

Were it not for compulsory third party liability insurance in the event of a collision or accident, we would have to cover the cost of repair ourselves. Let’s not hide that for many people it would be a huge burden, even impossible to bear.

Other protection options that we can choose

Other protection options that we can choose

Every aware driver should be aware that in the face of numerous possible problems and threats, such as damage to the car not caused by us, theft, fire or an accident with serious health consequences, the mandatory insurance coverage is not sufficient.

Fortunately, anyone who feels such a need can voluntarily increase it, and thus feel confident. Insurance companies currently offer a number of different types of policies, including auto insurance, assistance and accident insurance (accident insurance).

Why is it worth

Why is it worth

With additional policies, in addition to compulsory insurance, we can feel much more confident. AC insurance protects us against theft, fire, bumps with other vehicles, damage or flooding.

Having accident insurance, we can be sure that in the event of an accident we will have funds for long-term and expensive treatment or rehabilitation. And when deciding on assistance, we can feel confident on every route, being sure that in case of problems we can easily order a free tow truck, use a free service or get a replacement car.

To sum up, the provisions of Polish law impose on every car owner to take out liability insurance. However, it does not cover our damages, but it helps us to avoid paying for those that were our fault. Therefore, it is worth considering whether we do not want to increase the scope of protection and thus feel more confident on the road.