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Entertainment News | Michael Caine honored at Karlovy Vary Festival

Washington [US], Aug 21 (ANI): With its traditional catchy dance numbers and a crystal globe for Hollywood star Michael Caine, the 55th edition of Karlovy Vary Intl. The Film Festival came back to life in an all-live format on Friday after a forced one-year hiatus by COVID.

According to Variety, the all-rounder, two-time Oscar winner elicited his third standing ovation from the crowd crowded into the festival hall at the Thermal Hotel when he raised his cane from the stage in gratitude to his guests. fans.

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To say he started his acting journey as a “person out of nowhere who knew nothing,” Caine told the crowd: “You gave me an award for something I love to do.”

Fest president Jiri Bartoska honored him with what the actor called the heaviest prize he has ever attempted to win in an upbeat ceremony featuring elaborate choreography on the theme of the 1960s American pop song “Popcorn,” with dancers spinning records riffing on this year’s unique KVIFF logo, a stylized number 55 containing cartoon eyes.

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Guests wore COVID-resistant bracelets after showing proof of their immunization status upon arrival, but few masks were in sight in the packed room of the brutalist ’70s architectural icon that dominates the promenade area of this historic spa town.

Opening night presenter Marek Eben, a famous comedian-philosopher, observed that popcorn makes the film the only art “with its own unique scent”, adding that the film’s snack could be a super food with qualities that fight depression.

But, he quickly added to the laughter, popcorn is not necessary in Karlovy Vary because artistic director Karel Och selects art films for “intellectuals who take antidepressants.”

The festival’s return to West Bohemia was marked by a distinctive air of optimism, following two attempts to open KVIFF as a live event in 2020, both of which had to be canceled as the pandemic was spreading.

According to Variety, the festival also announced additional screenings of the Cannes sensation of Paul Verhoeven and the erotic nun story ‘Benedetta’ and ‘RapStory’ by Simon Safranek, a dive into the Czech rap scene by the director of ‘ King Skate ‘, the 2018 Chronicle of pre-Velvet Revolution fringe culture focused on the highly improvised craze among practitioners who had to build their own boards. (ANI)

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