Following series of scandals, more than 80 Chinese artists sign letter of engagement promising to set a good example for young people

Photos of the artists who signed the letter of commitment Photo: courtesy of Mango TV

Over the past month, at least three Chinese pop stars have been the target of boycotts or even detained by police over scandals. In response, more than 80 Chinese artists gathered on Monday to sign a letter of commitment, promising that they will set a good example for young people so that the entertainment industry can return to a positive and healthy environment.

An employee of Chinese video platform Mango TV told the Global Times on Monday that the company had organized more than 80 artists, including Chinese singer Ding Dang and Chinese-American singer Cindy Yen, to sign the letter of engagement in response to artists who have recently ignored their responsibilities as celebrities by breaking the red line of ethics and the law.

The letter of commitment stipulated that artists of the new era should resolutely reject illegal and immoral behavior and insist on being the guardians of dominant values.

The artists promised in the letter that they would reject vulgar and low-quality performances and adhere to creating works that accommodate people’s needs. They will also fight against the distortion of facts and defamation of others to build a healthy industrial environment.

The engagement letter has become a hot topic on Sina Weibo, a Chinese network similar to Twitter, with the associated hashtag generating more than 230 million views on the platform.

The artists of the Mango TV variety show Call Me by Fire also supported the campaign and forwarded the letter of commitment on the social media platform.

Mango TV established a branch of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) specially for artists working for the platform, which organized artists to participate in many social activities in order to play a positive role in society.

In less than a month, Chinese-Canadian pop star Kris Wu, Chinese singer Huo Zun and actor Zhang Zhehan have seen their careers flare up with scandals involving immoral and even illegal behavior.

Zhang has been criticized by Chinese media and authorities, including the CCP’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and all of his social media accounts have been deleted after photos of him visiting Japan’s infamous Yasukuni Shrine, which honors some of Japan’s worst war criminals, in 2017 resurfaced online.

Huo became the target of internet users’ wrath after an ex-girlfriend accused him of being immoral and disrespectful to women. On Saturday, he announced he was leaving the entertainment industry.

Wu was even arrested by police in connection with charges of raping underage girls.

The Letter of Commitment Photo: Courtesy of Mango TV

The Letter of Commitment Photo: Courtesy of Mango TV

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