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Kathy Griffin Suffers From Vocal Cord Problems | Entertainment News

Kathy Griffin still suffers from “vocal cord problems” during her cancer treatment.

A 60-year-old comic recently revealed that half of the lungs were resected after being diagnosed with stage 1 cancer. We used to share up-to-date health information on video messages on social media, but the latest news came in the form of typed messages. She also admitted that she suffered from breathing and coughing.

She writes, “One of the causes of cancer is shortness of breath, deep cough, pain, extreme fatigue, and in my case it’s hard to focus on other things when I have problems with my breast. vocal cords. is.”

But Kathy loves to use it to “applaud” critics, so she can still see the bright side of her condition.

She added, “I don’t hate cancer… I can’t get enough of Kathy”, really, *** head ??? TRY CANCER! “”

Kathy recently joked that she was working with her “celebrity voice doctor” Shea to “get her voice back”.

She keeps fans updated on Instagram and writes, “I’m working on getting my voice back on a special visit from a famous voice doctor. Enjoy!”

In the video, Kathy explained how difficult it was for her to speak.

She said, “Hello everyone. This is the latest information. My operation lasted 3 weeks and my voice is still weak as you can tell but my doctor gave me a voice practice And the strangest thing is happening. When I sing, I like a clock… ”

Then she started talking about Sia’s song “Chandelier”, but she moved the camera to show Sia singing to her.

She added, “Did you say my doctor was Shea? It’s very strict.

Kathy has previously admitted that her postoperative voice “scares people”.

“I want to start posting a little video about my recovery etc, but my voice is really hoarse and I don’t want to scare people,” she said.

But her own squeaky voice made her smile, so the star quickly found an interesting side of things.

She added: “I’m kidding, it’s even that concept [is funny].. For some reason I am laughing at everything now. And if it’s terrible, I laugh more and more! “

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