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Monkey tries to wear face mask, video goes viral

The long-standing pandemic has made masks our most essential accessory and the animals around us seem to have taken the hint as well. A video of a monkey seen walking around with a black face mask has gone viral on social media, triggering mixed reactions among internet users.

In the 22-second clip, viewers are amazed to see the animal trying to put on a face mask. “What a legend!” one person is heard saying in the video as the monkey tries to cover his entire face with the mask and walks forward. However, after taking a few steps, the monkey’s mask falls off, leaving the animal confused. “Everyone wants to be masked,” wrote Susanta, an Indian Forest Service officer, sharing the viral clip.

Watch the video here:

Although the origin of the video is not confirmed, it gained traction on social media after it was re-shared on Twitter by former American basketball player Rex Chapman, who has more than a million followers on the site of microblogging.

“If you’ve ever seen a monkey find a mask and quickly put it on their face today, just keep scrolling,” Chapman wrote, reporting the clip.

Since being shared online, the clip has garnered over 1.9 million views and received mixed reactions among internet users. While some users have praised the animal’s “power of observation”, others have pointed to the irresponsible removal of the face mask which they claim is “wreaking havoc.” Some also joked that the animal knew better than most humans.

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