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#PopVultures Ep 53: Let’s talk about Shane Pow, Chantalle Ng, Britney Spears and Squid Game!

18:48 minutes

Synopsis: The Straits Times examines the ins and outs of pop culture in the Asian entertainment scene and Hollywood.

This week, #PopVultures host Jan Lee introduces listeners to some noteworthy entertainment news.

In local news, she opens up about the return of former Mediacorp Shane Pow after his second drinking and driving conviction landed him in jail and reviews local actress Chantalle Ng’s allegations that her father, retired actor Huang Yiliang, physically assaulted her when she was 11 years old.

Ng is the daughter of Huang and veteran actress Lin Meijiao – the couple divorced before Ng had one. Huang responded to the allegations, claiming that he hit Ng because Lin told him to play the role of the evil parent.

Next, she tackles the news overseas – celebrating Britney Spears’ father’s official suspension from her tutelage and Netflix’s original K-drama squid game becoming a viral and world-conquering hit.

Here’s what she talked about:

1. Shane Pow’s comeback and what it was like to cover his interview (0:38)

2. The sad story of Chantalle Ng and Lin Meijiao against Huang Yiliang (2:16)

3. We’re on track for #FreeBritney! (8:46)

4. Squid Game on the way to Netflix’s Biggest Drama (14:22)

Produced by: Jan Lee (janlee@sph.com.sg), Fa’izah Sani & Penelope Lee

Edited by: Penelope Lee & Hadyu Rahim

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