The 10 biggest scandals of the Cannes Film Festival

Since its first delivery in 1946, the prestigious Cannes film festival, which will celebrate its 75th edition between May 17 and 28, has starred in many of the film industry’s most memorable moments. Not only for its acclaimed red carpet and awards show, but also for big scandals that affected the whole world.

In fact, there have not been a few controversies that have arisen as a result of this renowned event. Without going any further, it is possible to retain at least 10 episodes that perfectly illustrate these controversies which has provoked disparate reactions in the entertainment world: from fights, boos and fierce criticism, to censorship and cancellations due to the protests. In addition, some editions have been suspended due to external events.

The 10 major scandals of the Cannes Film Festival: Lars von Trier, Hitler’s “sympathizer”

The film Melancholydirected by Lars of Trier and the outstanding performance of Kirsten Dunsthad the best reviews in the 2011 edition. Yet the Danish director paid dearly for a claim regarding his German ancestry:i understand hitler, although I understand that he did bad things. He’s not what we would call a nice boy, but I kinda sympathize with him”.

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In this context, the organization of the event declared him “persona non grata” and temporarily canceled it until 2018. For his statement, Trier was described as an anti-Semite and a Nazi sympathizer. Later, he defended himself: “If I hurt someone, I sincerely apologize. I am not anti-Semitic or racist. I’m not of any kind and I’m not a Nazi either.

The 10 big scandals of the Cannes Film Festival: fainting, abandonment and boos

This unfortunate statement about adolf hitler It wasn’t the Danish filmmaker’s only controversial appearance. In 2010, during the presentation of Antichristshared a close-up of the lead actress, Charlotte Gainsbourg, cut off his genitals, what caused pass out, leave the room and boo.

Icelandic singer Björk at the Cannes Film Festival with Lars Von Trier, whom she accuses of abuse (Photo: File).

In any case, the filmmaker acted in ignorance of what happened and even boasted, defying the disapproval his feature film received. “I am the best director in the world“, he assured in a press conference after the negative reactions of the public.

The 10 major scandals of the Cannes Film Festival: Roger Ebert against Vincent Gallo

In 2004, the American jury Roger Ebert slammed director Vicent Gallo after projecting its production: The Brown Bonnie. Without hesitation and without resorting to euphemisms, she told him that it was “the worst film ever screened in cannes”. The filmmaker, for his part, responded along the same lines and described it as “a big fat man”.

Maybe one day I’ll lose weightbut Vincent Gallo will always be the director of The brown rabbit“, counter-attacked Ebert, thus leaving one of the most memorable verbal exchanges of the Cannes Film Festival.

The 10 big scandals of the Cannes Film Festival: boos for Sofia Coppola

The presentation of Marie Antoinette provided answers shared by the public present in the French city. On one side were those who applauded the critically acclaimed film; while, on the other hand, many They booed the film’s director, Sofia Coppola, daughter of Francis Ford Coppola.

We already knew that the French are very jealous of their history, and that was one of the biggest challenges,” he said honestly after the general rejection. Specifically, critics pointed against the storyline and the plot’s lack of historical depth.

The 10 major scandals of the Cannes Film Festival: the controversial presence of David Cronenberg

Director David Cronenberg was booed at the 1996 Cannes Film Festival, where he received a special award for his film Accident. The feature film is about people who derive sexual satisfaction from witnessing car accidents, which generated immediate rejection from audiences.

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However, the loudest boos came in 1999, the year Cronenberg was president of the jury. Specific, strongly disagreed with his decision award three prizes to humanityby Bruno Dumont.

The 10 major scandals of the Cannes Film Festival: Coppola’s unfinished film

Francis Ford Coppola wore three years of filming and still hadn’t finished Revelation now (1979). Among the main reasons for the delay, the terrible conditions of the Philippine jungle, where much of the scenes were filmed, stood out. However, the war film was featured in the Cannes film festival without being completely finished.

Preciselythe projected version was unfinished, although that didn’t stop the audience from filling the room with applause. Seeing the big comeback from viewers, the acclaimed director slammed those who opposed his decision to release it and dropped a historic phrase: “This film is not about Vietnam. This movie is Vietnam”.

The 10 major scandals of the Cannes Film Festival: entry prohibited to a director and her baby

the Cannes film festival 2019 was harshly questioned after members of the organization refused entry to a director who came with her baby. This is English Greta Bellamacinawho had been invited to screen his film Hurt by heaven. However, when she arrived with her four-year-old son, she was not allowed in because apparently her youngest was not on the guest list.

Director Greta Bellamacina and her son, who was not allowed to participate in the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.
Director Greta Bellamacina and her son, who was not allowed to participate in the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.

“I am outraged by the absurdity of this retrograde attitude. As if filmmakers need more hurdles to achieve equality in our industry. Ironically, my film is about a young single mother trying to balance her life as a writer. In certain scenes of the film, she is frequented, but never in a as rudely as they did with me at the film festival today,” he later complained.

The 10 major scandals of the Cannes Film Festival: cancellation by the French May

Among the many repercussions it has had around the world, the may french also had an impact on the history of Cannes film festivalthat should canceled in 1968 following protests what happened in this country. The young and talented directors Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffant asked that the event not take place, arguing that there was disturbing protests by students and workers in the streetsadded to a stop of trains and factories.

“The metro and buses will be next. So continue the contest it’s ridiculoussaid Truffaut. For his part, Godard was more pointed: “We talk about solidarity with students and workers, and you talk about close-ups or camera shots. They are fools”.

The 10 major scandals of the Cannes Film Festival: the censorship of “Viridiana”

Despite his Palme d’Or, the production viridian was censored in Spainland where the director of the film was born, Louis Bunuelwho had gone into exile in Mexico to escape the persecutions set up under the Franco dictatorship, whose atrocities he had perfectly reflected in his feature film.

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To this was added the review of the newspaper L’Osservatore Romanoof Vatican City, on the scene in which Leonardo da Vinci’s painting “The Last Supper” is recreated, and Jesus is seen in a “lazy” and disheveled role.

The 10 big scandals of the Cannes Film Festival: the beginnings that the Nazis ruined

The first Cannes Film Festival took place on September 1, 1939, The very day Adolf Hitler planned to invade Poland to start World War II.. When the news of the war was announced, all the personalities present at the event were forced to immediately return to their respective countries for protection.