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This “letter from a woman” goes viral, here’s why

Working from home has now become a new normal in the post-pandemic world. Now, a viral letter from an employee’s wife begging the boss to return to duty made netizens laugh out loud, with many saying it was quite relevant.

The letter received more attention when business mogul Harsh Goenka shared it on Twitter, frankly admitting to his followers, “I don’t know how to answer him.”

“Dear Sir. I am the wife of your employee Manoj. This is a humble call to allow him to work from his office now. He is doubly vaccinated and will maintain all Covid protocols,” the letter reads. “If homework continues for a while, our marriage will definitely not work anymore,” he added.

Adding that the man drinks at least ten cups of coffee a day, the woman complained that her partner sits in different rooms and leaves them messy, while constantly demanding food. “I even saw him fall asleep on work calls. I already have two dependent children ”, the woman signed the letter asking for her support to regain her sanity!

Many women commented on the thread, saying they have been in a similar situation for over 18 months now and can totally feel the pain.

However, others came up with hilarious solutions, with many saying they were ready to return to duty for the same reason.

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